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Direct line insurance Pay As You Drive from Hollard is an innovative comprehensive car insurance policy where premiums are based on the kilometres that your car actually travels each month.

This is general the lowest form of insurance offered by an direct line insurance company.

Direct line insurance
car claims make up over 70% of all general accident claims, and this has a significant impact on your total car insurance premium.
If your car spends less time on the road, it has a lesser chance of being involved in an accident. Why pay more if you can pay less. All you do is get a free quote! So if you drive less than the average motorist, you should pay less for your car insurance! It’s the most accurate way of calculating car insurance.

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- Beryl Markham

Direct line insurance
If you’re one of the fortunate people who don’t travel that much or who has a low mileage vehicle in the family, using Hollard Pay As You Drive car insurance can save you significant amounts of money, without compromising the quality of your car insurance cover!

Pay As You Drive is a comprehensive car product where premiums are based on the actual distance the insured car travels on a monthly basis rather than an assumed “average” across all insured vehicles.

If you travel less than the average, rightly, you should pay less than you would for a typical car insurance product.

Based on the estimated monthly distance travelled in the insured car, and allowing for that annual holiday, you can select one of the following DrivePlans; Drive500, Drive750, Drive1000, Drive1250, Drive1500.

At inception of the policy, Pay As You Drive will credit your policy with one extra months DrivePlan kilometres (called Grace Period kilometres).

Over the first two months of the policy Pay As You Drive will monitor the distance travelled by the insured vehicle and will advise you whether the vehicle is on the correct DrivePlan or not.

The Grace Period kilometres ensure that there are no nasty surprises if you have underestimated the insured car’s typical monthly mileage.

The Grace Period kilometres are free and can only be used in the first two months of the policy.

Direct line insurance at HiTech Autos. Need more info? Please e-mail me.

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