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About Hi Tech Cars...
A car broker you can trust

I’m Hans De Meillon, general manager of Hi Tech Cars. I’ve been working in the car industry since 1980.

I have always believed in honesty and being straight to the point - no empty promises.

I always say that if you tell your client up front what he must pay or what his trade-in car is worth, everybody knows where they stand, and then there are no false hopes created. 
Also a big factor is not to always chase new customers, but instead concentrate on existing customers and keeping them happy.

If you want to sell your car or buy a car please feel free to contact me.
These car dealerships are owned by the Cajee Brothers, Naseem and Dawood, who have a very distinguished history in the car industry since 1995. They have earned their standing among the most well known and reliable franchise dealers in the country.

I have earned the trust of our suppliers and customers due to my honest business practices. When it comes to buying and selling vehicles, i deal with my customers in an honest and upright manner. I do not play games.

I offer a full range of vehicles and services including:
  • Selected Used Cars and Motor Bikes
  • Choice of Demo Cars
  • Choice of New Cars
  • Mechanical Breakdown Warranties
  • In House Financing
  • Auto Detailing
If you’re looking to buy or sell a car, you’re in safe hands with me.

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