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Portable Charcoal Grills...

Grilliput Portable 

Portable Charcoal Grills

The smallest and most portable BBQ on the planet. Is this or is this not the most brilliant invention ever invented by someone who goes around inventing things?

The Grilliput, with a literary nod to Mr. Swift, is a travel BBQ that fits in your pocket! Aptly named the Grilliput, this ridiculously compact camping grill is about the cleverest piece of design we've seen in an age.

Portable Charcoal Grills

The Firebowl is a great companion to the Grilliput. It is a mobile, compact and collapsible hearth with 4 stilted feet, enabling you to light a fire anywhere without scorching the earth.

The adjustable fins also allow you to create a chimney effect so that heat can be directly aimed at the desired point. The Grilliput and Firebowl are innovative space miracles for minimalists, and quite simply the best mobile BBQ kit ever to hit the planet.


Made from the shavings of high resin ocote or fatwood trees (80% resin content), these shaving are the easy and natural way to light your fire (using matches or your FireSteel). MayaDust creates an incredibly hot flame and is the ideal "pocket solution" to kickstart your fire into a blazing furnace.

MayaDust is shavings from the highly resinous MayaSticks produced from the Ocote or Fatwood tree in Guatemala and packed in a convenient waterproof container that is easy to carry in your pocket or backpack.

MayaDust Gives maximum heat energy for minimal weight. Use MayaDust together with our Swedish FireSteel to light your campfire with ease.


The Grillslinger should be on every "Braai Master's" wish list. How many times have you been merrily grilling away when you suddenly realise a much needed utensil has been left it in the kitchen. With the Grillslinger you have every piece of hardware ready at your finger tips. And what's more is once you have taken out your tongs The Grillslinger then has a free compartment for your beer. Sheer braaing pleasure!

There's so seldom any space for putting down your BBQ tools, and if you do manage it then you can never remember where you put them when you need them next. Now they can always be at hand, and you can keep the space you've saved for chopping boards, platters and sauces. No man on the planet is complete at their BBQ without one of these, even if you're rubbish at barbequing you'll feel like a god wearing a Grillslinger.


From the heart of the ancient Mayan Empire comes a remarkable new product. MayaSticks are made from Pino de Ocote, a fatwood pine cultivated in the highlands of Guatemala and Mexico. With their 60-70% resin content, MayaSticks are easy to light, even when wet and produce an extremely hot flame.

Use 1-2 sticks to quickly light your fire or BBQ. Gives maximum heat energy for minimal weight. Use Maya Sticks together with our Swedish FireSteel to light your campfire with ease.


The Firesteel is an impressive, truly ingenius invention that no outdoorsman (or man worth his salt) should be without. A simple slide along the steel rod shoots out a cloud of sparks that is hot enough to set any tinder, newspaper or any flammable material (nearby) instantly ablaze. Making a fire (or braai) will not be nearly as fun without your Firesteel. This magic little device is the army issue version which is good for a whopping 12000 strikes, even if it's soaking wet!


Manufacturer's description:

Because it's always a good time to crack open a beer, file your nails, do some light DIY and while you're at it, shackle things to yourself, we've come up with this great bundle of key ring gadgets that allows you to do all of those things.

The Key Tool has no less than 8 tools including a bottle opener, a nail file and two dinky screwdrivers and slots very neatly over whichever key you fix it to - perfect for on-the-spot jobs.

  • This Key Tool tackles a surprisingly large amount of tasks.
  • The Key Tool has two screwdrivers, a nail file, tweasers, wire cutters and a bottle opener amongst its arsenal.
  • Suitable for ages 18 years +.


  • As big as your bog-standard house key.

A lot more products can be purchased online from Mantality!

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