Indeed the greatest service....

by Anna-Marie

I work at a Dealership in Randburg, and deals with Hi-tech Cars a lot.

One evening I received a call from a very desperate Lady in Upington urgently seeking anyone's cell number at Hi-tech Cars. She was busy buying a vehicle from a Dealer in Upington but was unsatisfied.

Before she moved to Upington, they only purchased their vehicles from Dawood at Hi-tech Cars.

When she phoned me that evening, she saw my number on a file from Hi-tech cars, of a vehicle she bought previously, where my name and cell number accidentally was written on.

Being after hours, she could not reach Dawood at that time, and contacted me on my cell.
I was a little confused by the call, but she explained to me that she will not be able to sleep that night before speaking to Dawood, and she found my number on the file and was hoping that I could help her in her despirate situation to get hold of Dawood.

She explained that the deal she was busy with was already approved and that she must sign the contract in the morning, but she cannot go through with the deal because she feels that the only Dealer she trusts and want to support is Hi-tech Cars in Rustenburg.

Luckily, I could help her with Dawood's number, and she was the happiest lady ever!!!

And yes, she did indeed buy that vehicle from Hi-tech Cars. They even delivered the vehicle to her in Upington.

After this incident, I realized that service like this will support you forever!!!

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