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Mercedes Benz C230 Kompressor Coupe

The 2003 classical of the C230, Mercedes Kompressor through an all-new 1.8-litre, all-aluminium supercharged four-cylinder performance is countless and the traction controller can truly come in valuable several times once pushing it too hard round turns.

On the other hand, the Mercedes Benz Kompressor permits the hatch to go
additional eight to ten kilometres on each litre of petrol, subject on whether you get the six-speed manual optional five-speed automatic.

Performance is adequate to get you into trouble in the wet but the traction control continuously kicks in before you realise you've even had a problem.

Mercedes-Benz has truly amazed me. Mercedes are world famous for their wonderful build class and dazzling cars.

A stress-free car to drive through its charming 5 speed automatic gearbox and improved still further on the facelift models with the 'tip function' which offers semi-manual operation.

The Mercedes C230 Kompressor is a marvellous car with a spectacular inside, sweet sounding engine and striking sharp looks. What a vivid piece of creation this car was with its panoramic roof and black leather finish...

The C230 Kompressor Sport Coupe is the smallest and least expensive Mercedes you can buy. It's also the nicest two-door hatchback on the market.

Technically, it's a hatchback and not a coupe. Mercedes deflected criticism for labeling the way they did. Can you blame them, though? Sport Coupe sounds so much more fun.

I could never tell where inspiration begins and impulse leaves off.

I suppose the answer is in the outcome.

If your hunch proves a good one, you were inspired.

If it proves bad, you are guilty of yielding to thoughtless impulse.

- Beryl Markham

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