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2010 Ferrari California
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The 2010 Ferrari California is an extremely innovative car. This convertible has a top speed of 310 km/h, 0 to 100 km/h is under 4 seconds. Although 285 kilograms heavier and 30 PS less powerful than the mid-engined F430, the California reaches 96.56 km/h in the same time as the F430 thanks to the dual-clutch transmission. The exteriors feature the aluminum retractable hard top, bi-xenon headlights, LED rear lights and mirrors.
4.3 L V8
4300 CC
DOHC 4 valves/cyl
357 lb-ft @ 5000 rpm
454 hp @ 7750 rpm
  • 2,900 Km's
  • Fender badges
  • Navigation
  • I pod connection
  • Black leather with white stitching
R  2,650,000

This sports car will satisfy even the most demanding of owners in term of its superb vehicle dynamics and driving pleasure. This model is available exclusively as a convertible with a folding hard top. Both chassis and bodywork are aluminium, in line with the rest of the current range. This auto is powered by a new V8 engine mounted for the first time in the marque's history in the mid-front position.

As technology and styling continues to advance, pre-owned Italian sports cars can remain on the road for decades, holding up their quality form, structure and performance over the long-run.

The Manettino switch on the steering wheel offers a choice of Comfort, Sport or CST-off mode. Comfort is the default choice with relatively low intervention thresholds; the Sport setting raises the bar and allows for a good degree of tail swapping and tire mashing.

Whether you’re nailing your favourite back road or performing a brief overtaking manoeuvre whilst kicking back on the boulevard, the V8 delivers the same sorts of aural delights enjoyed by F430 drivers. 

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