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Traffic Fines Toolkit..

"Traffic Fine??"

Never Pay Another Traffic Fine!!

Did you know...

  • Most fines and demerits can be overturned because of the rules (your legal rights!) that the Traffic Department counts on you not knowing?
  • It's almost impossible to find a ticket that doesn't have a flaw?
    These mistakes and flaws range from the number of days after the
    offence that the fine has to be issued, to where the crosshair is in the picture to name a few!
  • Why Don't You Know This?
    That's because the enforcement system doesn't want you to know!
FREE Advanced Offensive Driving Techniques Ebook (worth R200!)

Written by a former rally and demolition driver, our Advanced Driving Techniques E-book focuses on getting you out of a hi-jack or other situation.

The techniques in this book can save you and your passengers from being a victim of crime.

You will travel areas of unrest safer, able to transport your family with a
greater sense of security.

This offensive driving guide includes how to handle ramming and chase situations and also teaches how to make various defensive and getaway vehicle manoeuvres.

This information in this ebook could be priceless, but it's all yours for FREE!

Then I Found Someone Smarter Than Me!

Just before the fines were due, I ran into an lawyer friend of mine who told me how he just laughed when he got a ticket. 

He even said he never pays a single ticket!  I thought for sure my friend was wanted through out the country for not paying the fines.

When I started looking for the police to charge in and arrest him, he laughed at me, saying "I don't have to pay, because I know my rights."

Something the court system doesn't tell you is that a letter in the mail is NOT a summons or a conviction.  It is merely a notice, and means you should challenge it. Using the methods I teach, you can get your tickets cancelled or refunded. Quickly, Easily and Legally!
  • We Guarantee you can get Every Fine Either Reduced or Dismissed Entirely!
Traffic Fines Toolkit-Buy The Advance Techniques E-book here!

The Ultimate Step By Step Restoration Guide For Classic Car Lovers.
Restore Cars Fast, whether you are a hobbyist, a mechanic or a businessman you must read this one.

Draw cars in 3D persepective following our clearly marked steps.
Join the hundreds of other Artists who have followed our step by step course. All the steps have been broken down into simplistic instructions so even the novice can learn to draw!

Aston's are truly special-they always have been and always will be.
We are passionate about the cars like aston martin v12 vanquish we sell and we know this is a passion shared by our enthusiastic owners.

Ferrari Cars For Sale-2010 Ferrari California with only 2.900 Km's
The Ferrari California is an extremely innovative car. This convertible has a top speed of 310 km/h, 0 to 100 km/h is under 4 seconds.


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