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X5 Bmw 3.0d New Shape...


This Bmw X5 is available at our showroom called Randburg Autolink

situated on the Corner of 9 Dover and Pretoria streets Ferndale.

Different Approach

I am trying a distinct way of loading cars to our web-site, by means of loading smaller pictures on this page and generating a link to different pages with bigger and more detailed pictures.

Extras on this Bmw X5 3.0d:

  • Panoramic Sunroof
  • Parking Distance Control
  • 71.000 Kilometers.
  • Balance of 5 year/100000 Kilometers Motor Plan.
  • Exclusive Pack
  • Memory Seats.
  • 3rd Row Seats. 
  • Side Running Boards.
  • One Owner

Price R 499.900.00

Since its launch in late 2000, BMW's has been the benchmark against which other luxury 4WDs are judged.

Despite the arrival of several highly credentialled competitors, it has remained at the top of the class.

So BMW's first major overhaul of the has come at the right time.

Such is the pace and competitiveness of luxury 4WD development that no brand, if it wishes to stay in first grade, can afford idleness or complacency.

In the previous model, the traction and stability control systems were effective on dirt roads;

xDrive (incorporating the latest version of Bosch's stability control system) is even more so, particularly in the speed and precision with which it detects and corrects any errant behaviour.

The stability control system also works with a trailer. Above 65kmh, its sensors detect any excessive pendulum effect at the rear. 

Stability control can be switched off when some wheelspin is desirable in off-road conditions such as sand driving.

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