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Enzo Ferrari Signature

Enzo Ferrari Signature Pictures
Ferrari Enzo Signature Pictures, Images and Photos

Born in Modena, E F grew up with little formal education but a strong desire to race cars.

During World War I he was a mule-shoer in the Italian Army. His father Alfredo, as well as his older brother, also named Alfredo, died in 1916 as a result of a widespread Italian flu outbreak.

He became severely ill himself in the 1918 flu pandemic and was consequently discharged from Italian service.

Upon returning home he found that the family firm had collapsed.

Having no other job prospects, he eventually settled for a job at a smaller car company called CMN (Costruzioni Meccaniche Nazionali) redesigning used truck bodies into small passenger cars. He took up racing in 1919 on the CMN team, but had little initial success.

Enzo Ferrari left CMN in 1920 to work at Alfa Romeo and racing their cars in local races he had more success. In 1923, racing in Ravenna, he acquired the Prancing Horse badge which decorated the fuselage of Francesco Baracca's (Italy's leading ace of WWI) SPAD S.XIII fighter, given from his mother, taken from the wreckage of the plane after his mysterious death. 

This icon would have to wait until 1932 to be displayed on a racing car.

Some of his Quote's

Aerodynamics are for people
who can't build engines.

But each time I seemed to be
climbing into a roller coaster
and finding myself coming
through the downhill run with
that sort of dazed feeling
that we all know.

The client is not always right.

Enzo Ferrari Signature-2010 Ferrari California with only 2.900 Km's
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