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How to Sell Your Used Car

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How to sell your used car: You're moving. Again. What to do with that car you really don't want to keep anymore? You hate the stress. Well, the stress is gone!


  1. Check prices online and around to see other used car prices
  2. Make an ad for your car in Microsoft Word, or any other programs you that will work. List the wonderful things about your car, how to contact you, and basic information like when it was created, how many km/miles it has driven, and so forth.
  3. Also list a reasonable price. A suggestion is to put tabs at the bottom of the ad with your phone number so people can rip it off and contact you.
  4. Print out as many copies as you like and stick it around the community.
  5. Go to your local community center and ask if you could put it up there.
  6. Advertise your car online in applicable and trusted websites, or post it on your own website if you have one. If you're not sure, don't put your phone number online, maybe an email.
  7. Tell your friends and co-workers that you're selling your car, maybe they would like to buy it, or they know someone searching for a car. Always remember to be polite.
  8. Email your contacts and ask them on email if they know anyone if they would like to buy a car. Always remember to be polite.
  9. Put a FOR SALE sign on your car if you wish.
  10. Ask your relatives if they would like to help advertise your car.
  11. You can also contact car dealers and the company you bought your car from.
  12. If you want, think of your own creative ideas!
  13. Wait and chat with customers. Make reasonable offers, and cooperate with them. You'll sell that car in no time!

Tips - How to sell your used car:

  • Be patient
  • Don't sell your car to the first person that comes knocking, sell it for a good price, too.
  • Though if you realize you are running out of time you can always consider selling your car to a reliable dealer.

Warnings - How to sell your used car:

  • Don't make the car too expensive
  • Be careful where and how you post private contact information, and always check to see if your customers are ACTUALLY customers...

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